1.    Our Head Quarters: Mumbai Timings: 10 am to 6.30 pm Sundays & Bank Holidays: Holiday

2.    Emergency Helpline works round-the-clock, 365 1/4 days & nights. All emergency services including legal is available on call. 

3.    After acquiring Emergency Booklet, it is mandatory to pay registration fee as per latest tariff card.

4.    Registration fee has to be paid directly by paytm, bhim etc. on 982 008 1968. After making payment one has to inform Hello, Help Me… Call Centre and take Transaction No.. One can also pay by credit / debit card, imps, neft, rtgs or directly deposit in bank account of M/s SKYBOSS NATIONWIDE (hereinafter referred to as M/s SKYBOSS. Registration Fee paid to anybody other than M/s SKYBOSS, shall be paid at one’s own risk and M/s SKYBOSS shall not be responsible for the same. 

5.   One has to pay Rs.275/- for Application Cum Registration Form (Emergency Booklet) at source. The cost of Application Cum Registration Form (Emergency Booklet) is subject to change. The cost of the Application Cum Registration Form (Emergency Booklet) paid in part / full is not refundable. After acquiring Application Cum Registration Form / Emergency Booklet, it is mandatory to pay Registration Charges as per zone / place chosen, without which no emergency services shall be offered.

6.    Registration Fee is subject to change without any notice. Applicant has to pay registration charges as applicable subsequently.

7.    Registration Fee once paid in part / full, is non-refundable & non- transferable, under any circumstances.

8.    After registration, there is no entry in any of our offices / branches, franchisee centers etc. 

9.    In case of any query one can directly contact our Helpline Nos..

10.    In case of complaint (if any), one can directly call our Helpline Nos. (Complaint Cell) and also send their complaint by email. Suggestions are welcome.

11.    Registration Charges is paid for 1 / 2 / 3 years as applied for. Before expiry of registration, one has to apply for renewal by paying renewal fees.

12.   After expiry date, one has to acquire fresh Emergency Booklet and pay registration fee as applicable.

13.    One can also register online. However one has to pay Rs.275/- for E-Form / E-Booklet and Registration fee as applied for.

14.    M/s SKYBOSS / Meri Suraksha Management / Team warns & clarifies Applicant / Cardholder that in case of any emergency services required, a call should be made to Meri Suraksha helpline but one should first depend on self and contact their own doctor / service provider for any emergency services and treat Meri Suraksha as their secondary support. 

15.   Meri Suraksha has been created with the intentions to help our Cardholders in emergencies however does not guarantee superfast, timely services directly or through our service providers, taking into consideration several unknown / hidden conditions & circumstances, though all efforts shall be made to do the needful.

16.   At the time of registration, Applicant / Cardholder promises to give all requirements like one’s medical history, passport size photograph etc. immediately / at the earliest. 

17.   Hard / Soft copy, filled up Application Cum Registration Form, Photograph, etc. given at the time of registration, is the exclusive property of M/s SKYBOSS and is not returnable under any circumstances.

18.   This Agreement is subject to force majeure clause.

19.   Applicant agrees to defend, indemnify, and keep M/s SKYBOSS, Team of Meri Suraksha, its Management, Staff, Employees, Franchisees including SBA, BDA, Booklet Centres, Service Providers etc. harmless from all claims, losses, damages, etc. which may arise from while taking any service / unable to provide the required service due to explained / unexplained reasons or for any other reason, whatsoever.

20.   In case of any dispute, one can approach our Arbitration & Settlement Cell, whose decisions shall be final and binding on the applicant / cardholder.

21.   In case of any disputes, Courts in Mumbai alone shall have exclusive jurisdiction.

22.   M/s SKYBOSS reserves the right of admission.

23.   M/s SKYBOSS / Management of Meri Suraksha reserves the right to expel the Cardholder in case if one is found to be fraudulent, unruly behaviour, works against M/s SKYBOSS / Meri Suraksha for mischievous reasons etc.

24.   M/s SKYBOSS reserves the right to organize entertainment shows in Mumbai / elsewhere. Interested Cardholders have to book the donation pass / tickets well in advance if interested on first come first serve basis.

25.   M/s SKYBOSS reserves the right to make any amendment in the working procedure of this proposal, at any given time, with / without any prior notice and the same shall be binding on the applicant / Cardholder.

26.   M/s SKYBOSS reserves the right to add, alter / amend or delete any /all of the above mentioned terms with / without any prior notice and all the amended / fresh terms shall be binding on the Cardholder / subsequent Cardholder 

27.    Suggestions are Welcome.