Dear Sir / Madam,

It is our pleasure to introduce this enchanting and life-saving proposal to you & your family, for your great safety, security & convenience, which could prove to be a boon for you, your family members, your employees etc., in case of any emergency.Dear Sir / Madam,

“MERI SURAKSHA” is a customized, fully state of the art computerized “EMERGENCY SERVICES HELPLINE”, which operates round-the-clock, 365¼ days & nights offering time-to-time support, advice, guidance and help required by our Cardholders for their safety, security & convenience, in Mumbai, Thane District, Belapur Line, across Maharashtra State / entire sub-continent.

Cardholders can choose the areas frequented by them in Mumbai, nearby, Maharashtra, India and pay the registration fee accordingly.

With the intentions to protect & cover up the maximum people of the nation, the registration charges has been devised to fit in every pocket, for sure, whether one is from a lower middle class family to any other class.

The ‘EMERGENCY SERVICES HELPLINE’ of “MERI SURAKSHA” is manned by experienced Emergency Officers to advise, tackle, help & support the Cardholder as a family member, in case of eventualities & emergencies, which don’t call & come.

Now whenever one is a victim of any emergency like a fatal accident, fire, shock, heart attack, unconsciousness, health issues, police atrocities, hospital atrocities, floods, riots, stalking, sexual harassment, ragging & bullying or wants emergency services like first aid guidance on phone, speedy ambulance service, fresh blood donors etc., the Cardholder has to just give a call to “MERI SURAKSHA” and the needful is done.

Please refer how we operate / help in case of different types of emergencies like a fatal accident for clarity purpose.

‘MERI SURAKSHA’ is in the process of well connected with Hospitals, Doctors, Ambulance Service, Police, Fire Brigade, Govt. Agencies, Blood Donors Databank, Other Emergency Service Providers, etc. across the nation.

‘MERI SURAKSHA’ also maintains a pincode areawise network of Good Samaritans, Social Workers / Representatives, Fresh Blood Donors, etc. who are ready to help the unknown people in any emergency, scattered across the nation with the support of ‘MERI SURAKSHA’.

Needless to mention, by registering with us, the Cardholders and their family members will live a life of ease, convenience, safety & security, wherever one resides / goes in Mumbai, Thane District, Vashi Belapur Line, Maharashtra / across the nation. One can choose the areaswise plan as per one’s suitability.

If the proposal suits you, please acquire our Emergency Booklet (from nearest Franchisee / Booklet Center), go through our terms, choose Type of Registration, refer tariff card, fill in the Application Cum Registration Form and scan & email or courier / speed post to ‘MERI SURAKSHA’.

You can also call our Form Filling Call Centre / Helpline. We will send you our terms by email. If you agree to our terms, then give your details on phone.

You can pay the registration fee by paytm, bhim, any electronic mode or directly deposit cash in our bank a/c.

Hoping for a long & worthwhile relationship!

Yours Sincerely,