1.    If Victim (Cardholder) meets with a fatal accident and is unconscious on the road, highway, in Mumbai / anywhere in India, then as soon as we EMERGENCY HELPLINE SERVICES TEAM receive a call, it is simultaneously tackled by our EMERGENCY TEAM of 4/6 EMERGENCY OFFICERS (E.O.) who are experienced, alert & sitting on their toes to guide & help.


2.     Caller is acknowledged by our E.O. for calling Meri Sursksha and is told about the Reward of Rs.500 to Rs.5000 or more (which is also printed on the I-CARD found on the victim / C.H.).

Caller is also requested by our Emergency Officer (E.O.) to take Victim (C.H.) to nearest hospital / doctor for which he / she will be additionally rewarded min. Rs.500 to Rs.50000 (mentioned on the I-Card).

The Good Samaritan is also informed / shall get a ‘Gold Medal’ & a ‘Certificate of Appreciation & Acknowledgement’ from ‘MERI SURAKSHA’ as a part of the Reward, which will be given publicly in a Reward Function and also his name shall appear on our website for this noble cause. If one cannot come and collect the Reward, then it will be dispatched by Courier.


3.    If the Caller refuses to take the Victim (Cardholder) to the hospital / doctor, then Caller is requested to ask another Passerby to do the needful for which that Passerby shall be paid the 2nd part of the Reward.


4.    Our E.O. / Caller is requested to take or ask any other passerby / Rixa, Taxi, Cab Services like Ola, Uber, Other Taxi Cos. Etc. to take Victim / C.H. to nearest hospital for which they will also be handsomely rewarded.


5.     Evem E.O. tries to contact rrickshawwalas / cabmen to reach spot to take victim to nearest hospital for which they will also be rewarded.


6.        Even address of nearest hospitals, nursing homes & doctors (if available) is given by “MERI SURAKSHA”.


7.       Nearest police station is also contacted to take Victim to Hospital and do the needful.


8.     After Victim / C.H. reaches hospital, E.O. talks to the Doctor, gives intro of our services and if required emails / WA the medical history of Victim / C.H..


9.    E.O. also simultaneously calls up relatives / sponsors / guardians; informs them about accident so they can take charge of the matter. The Team is in touch with relatives and keeps abreast the conditions & situations of the victim (Cardholder) time to time till relatives reach Victim (Cardholder).


10.    In the meantime, E.O. arranges for fresh blood donors, blood databank and other emergency services, as required.


11.     In other words, the EMERGENCY TEAM of MERI SURAKSHA on the whole does everything required & possible.


12.    If Cardholder has met with an accident in own vehicle which is damaged and can’t start, then a mechanic / towing van is arranged by ‘MERI SURAKSHA’ to pick up the vehicle and send it to the required garage / home of the Cardholder, as per advance instruction.


13.   All services required like a Photographer, Insurance Agent, Police formalities, Ambulance, blood bank, blood donor and other necessary services shall be provided as per the need and instructions of the Cardholder beforehand / at the time of accident, if one is able to instruct or as instructed by their main relatives.

In case of death of the victim, related help including mortuary services is given by MERI SURAKSHA.