1. This is not a Ticket / Donor Pass.
  2. This is an invitation to Pre-Purchase Ticket / Donor Pass to enjoy “ENTERTAINMENT HEE ENTERTAINMENT” MUSICAL NITE to be conducted in Mumbai, Nasik, Pune, Aurangabad, Nagpur, Dhule & Indore in 2018. Other Cities, Towns & Villages are in the process of being added time to time. We invite people who want to conduct a MUSICAL NITE in their respective city / town / village through Hello, Help Me… and the proceeds shall be used for infrastructure and social cause in the respective city / town / village where the show will be conducted.
  3. One Ticket / Donor Pass is vaild for one person for one show only. Bearer of the Ticket / Donor Pass shall be allowed entry in the auditorium.
  4. The Promoters are using the universally accepted concept of CROWDFUNDING which has now been accepted in India too. We are inviting like-minded people to Pre-Book / Pre-Pay well-in-advance E-Tickets / Donor Pass. By doing this, likeminded people will support Hello, Help Me… to stand up strong & tall to create its infrastructure to promote its social, socio-economic & commercial activities. Needless to mention, one shall automatically contribute for the the good work being done by Hello, Help Me.. time to time, morally & otherwise, which Hello, Help Me… acknowledges the Ticket / Donor Pass purchasers in advance, for believing Hello, Help Me…  
  5. The Bearer of the Ticket / Donor Pass can sit on any chair in the Class Booked on first come first serve basis.
  6. It is clarified that after making full payment, one shall be sent an E-TICKET / E-DONOR PASS by Whatsapp / email / other suitable mode.
  7. Since only Good Samaritans & likeminded people will be buy this E-Ticket / E-Donor Pass by paying well in advance being a Crowdfunding based, however it is further clarified that the E-Ticket / Ticket / Donor Pass will not be having details like Name of Orchestra, Venue, Date & Time however the same shall be intimated to the ticket / donor pass purchaser around one month prior to the Musical Nite to be organised in the respective city, to be conducted in 2018.
  8. The Management of Hello, Help Me… clarifies that it is not an NGO but a private organisation hence humbly states that Management is not bound to show accounts / give explanation to anyone relating to its activities whether social, social economical & commercial.
  9. Hello, Help Me… is also working to start an NGO and reserves the right to promote this activity through the proposed NGO, which will be a part of Hello, Help Me… Group.
  10. Hello, Help Me… reserves the right to change the working procedure of this proposal without notice.
  11. Courts in Mumbai alone shall have exclusive jurisdiction.
  12. Majeure Clause is applicable. 
  13. The Ticket / Donor Pass Purchaser indemnifies Hello, Help Me… and its Management, Booking Agents, etc. from all losses, damages, etc. or in case if the show is not performed for natural reasons or otherwise. 
  14. In case if the show is not performed, then the ticket cost shall be refunded within 3 months of the final date declared.
  15. Hello, Help Me… reserves the right to amend, delete the terms, without any notice and is applicable to subsequent ticket purchaser. 
  16. Money once paid in full / part, is not refundable, under any circumstances.
  17. The Management of Hello, Help Me… clarifies that in case Hello, Help Me… does not receive the minimum no. of seat booking and finds the programme unviable, then it reserves the right to cancel the programme and return the money against certain conditions.
  18. Additional Terms Apply.