Skumarsshri Alokkumar Kasliwal is a member of the Kasliwal Family, popularly called S.KUMARS FAMILY, who are owners of the globally popular S.KUMARS GROUP, which is now facing major family dispute and several legal issues. He is the 6th son & 12th child of Late Seth Shri Shankarlalji Surajmalji Kasliwal and Late Sethani Smt. Chandrawatiji Shankarlalji Kasliwal (3rd legal wife), the founders of S.Kumars Group, which they founded in the year 1943. Infact the brand & logo S.K. originally stand for SHANKARLAL KASLIWAL and subsequently also became abbreviation of logo & brand S.KUMARS. The logo & brand S.KUMARS originally stands for ‘S’ FOR ‘SHANKARLAL’ & ‘KUMARS’ FOR HIS SIX SONS VIZ. ALOKKUMAR, VIVEKKUMAR, ASHOKKUMAR & 3 OTHERS.

Skumarsshri Alokkumar Kasliwal is also Founder, Chief Promoter & C.E.O. of Hello, Help Me… & Commandant-In-Chief of MERI SURAKSHA which is also promoted by Hello, Help Me…) is a thorough businessmen / Industrialist, has experience of 45 years in Infrastructure & Marketing Management, 30 years of experience in the legal field (hence is also running a legal firm and giving legal services to the rich and poor people), has undergone 4 years military training from Bhonsala Military School, Nasik from 1975 to 1979. He has remained an ALLROUNDER throughout his life span and has vast knowledge in varied fields. He has travelled across the nation in car twice in his life time. He has also travelled several countries including Japan. Being from a well know background, at a very young age he was made a Chief Guest in several religious and social functions which was attended by leading people of India. In one of the function in which he was a Chief Guest in 1980, when he was barely 20 years old, representing his father & S.Kumars Group, he was garlanded by Shri Virendra Heggadeji, the uncrowned king of Dharmashtala who was recently in the media and was appreciated & acknowledged by none other but our beloved PM Shri Narendra Mody.

Skumarsshri Alokkumar Kasliwal is also doing arbitration, mediation & negotiation for people, family & business in dispute for his local & international clients personally and through his team of top legal experts.  

Skumarsshri Alokkumar Kasliwal is not only a go-getter, dynamic, experienced businessman / Industrialist but a true natured Philanthropist. He has his full heart in helping & uplifting the beggar & poor community, victims of injustice, needy people and many-a-times go out of the way to help them. He helps people to get out from the jail if one has got bail but no money to come out. 

Skumarsshri Alokkumar Kasliwal himself being a major victim of family disputes & grave injustice and also a lot of mishappenings which took place in his life (includes 8 major accidents), major life taking accidents in the family, acute diseases like cancer in the joint family, etc., he sustained all and has emerged as a winner on all fronts. His good & bad experiences prompted him to start Hello, Help Me… including MERI SURAKSHA etc. with the aimof starting thousands of helping centers across Mumbai / India with the humble intentions to be of use and to serve as many helpless people as possible who dont have anyone, dont know where to go, whom to approach whenever one becomes a victim of some emergencies or the other which includes accident, heart attack, police atrocities, hospital atrocities, stalking & sexual harassment, ragging & bullying, floods & riots, etc.. Now they have Hello, Help Me… to support and take care of them in case of any emergency. All one has to do is become a Cardholder of Meri Suraksha!